9 easy methods to reset Windows 10 password

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9 easy methods to reset Windows 10 password

Method 1:- PassCue Labwin

Users that use window 10 logins the computer by local account. If any user forgets the password of any local account that they log in on the computer, it is simple for the user to reset the password. PassCue Windows is the best application for the personal computer to reset the password. It can also remove the password easily in a few seconds. This process is available for all types of Windows. No users do not need to worry about the password how to reset the password without any problem. This application provides full security to the personal computer. It allows the user to remove or reset a password without the error occur in the program.

Following steps for the users :

  • Each user has to download PassCue, also download it on a personal computer.
  • Now the user has to attach the USB drive. This USB drive can reset the password.
  • Then the user has to remove the USB. After removing the USB user can reset the computer, and then the PassCue software shows on the screen with many accounts of users.
  • Now the user can reset the password. During this process, the password is erased. After rebooting the system, the password is removed, and the user can log in on the screen without any password.

Method 2:- Choose the option “forgot my password”

  • When the user switches on the computer. It shows the lock screen, then you have to put the password in it.
  • Without entering the password, the computer window, not open.
  • If the user forgot the password and want to open the computer, there is an option provided below the password box, the option is” I forgot my password”.
  • After clicking on this option shows the user a box in which the user enters the captcha code, and on the next step.
  • It asked the user for details to receive the code. The details are about the email ID or phone number that you provided to the computer.
  • If the user forgot those aspects too, then there is a choice below that I don’t have any of these alternatives.
  • After all this process, the user then press on send code, and the send code is received on the email id or phone number of the user
  • When the user enters the code it gives an option to reset your password.
  • The user then reset the password with strong alphabets and special characters.
  • After all, this process, the user can open the window and can enter the home screen of the personal computer.

Method 3:- Reset all password with security Questions

It is one of the best methods to reset the password, on the condition that the user has locked the screen with an option of questions security. Then the user only has to need to answer all these questions to reset the password and for entering the personal computer home screen. It is one of the safe methods to reset the personal computer password.

Method 4:- Help with the PIN

Whether the user gives the PIN security system for the account. It is easy to process to reset the password because the pin is necessary to open the window for the user, and the user can easily open the computer screen with the help of this PIN. 

Method 5:- use the recovery disk to reset the password

This process is utilized to reset the password to open the computer. By using this process, users have to create a backup to recover the password. To recover the password, the user has to initiate a recovery disk to open on Google drive. The same in this process, users have to attach the USB device to recover the password straightforwardly without damaging the program. 

Method 6:- Password reset tool

Users have to reset the password by using the Microsoft password reset tool available on all websites. Users only have to click on the link, and users have to provide email, id, phone number, or any other information, and then it will notify the user by resetting the password. It can work according to the command of the user.

Method 7:- Internal program reset password

By enabling an internal administrator account the user can reset the password easily. You only have to create a bootable pen when the user can use the computer and then open the personal computer after attaching the bootable pen in the USB section. When the computer is ‘turned ON’. The personal computer is on with the bootable pen drive.

Then in the next step is that you will have to open your command prompt. Then you have to replace the utility manager when the user restarts the system after restarting your personal computer, give an option that user that can see the lock screen that shows on the system screen, and after a click on the utility manager the user have to click on a power button .after the restarting window, the login screen will appear. Then you have to click on computer management, and then the menu becomes to start. After all, this process, the user can reset the password easily without damaging any personal data.

Method 8:- Net command to reset password

In this aspect the user has to log in on the screen a selection Ease of excess is shown on the screen. In this option, the user has to choose the command prompt after choosing the compound formed user can straightforwardly go with the net user administrator. After this process, it provides the user for using a new password for the same password. It can allow the user to reset the password user have to retype the password for the security of the system. It was the best password engine to control the situation straightforwardly.

Method 9:- Restore window 10

If there is no recovery with all the methods, then the only technique that is left for the user is to restore Windows 10. After recovering the window, all the personal data will remove from the device, so the user has to create a backup for this type of file to secure the device. The user can straightforwardly restore the window and can easily reset the password without harming the device. It is an easy way to reset the password. 

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