Snaptube : The Untapped Gold Mine That Virtually No One Knows About

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Snaptube is an extreme level software for people in this century. This software is very beneficial for people. It provides entertainment websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Dailymotion, and many other social websites. With the help of this incredible software, users can easily download any sort of documents like videos and audios on the Personal computer. Users can easily download drama, movies, serials, status, and different categories of videos in different ranges.

The downloading button is present in the corner of the screen. Users can straightforwardly press it, and many options are available on the screen users can download the video file in the Mp4 version, which includes 144p, 260p, 360p, 480p and 720HD, 1080P HD. Users can also convert video files into an audio version, which contains 70k, 120k, 160k. With a search button that is present at the top of the screen, users can easily search all types of URLs on it. It can also allow the users to download Instagram and Facebook and videos directly into the personal computer. It also allows the users to download any file through URLs of different websites.

On the screen, there is an option of the sub, which means those channels that you are subscribed for your ease to them at the top of the screen the user can straightforwardly press on sub-option and find out their favourite contact persons. Then a music option is also present, which means all types of music are available. Then another choice is available, which is located as a trending option, which means that all the things that are happening in the world daily and become popular is present in it. A choice of the channel is also available, which means all types of drama and news channels are available, the live channel of various sorts of games are available.

Key features Of Snaptube :

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to install.
  • Beneficial for all types of user.
  • The different format is available.
  • A diverse sort of files downloads option is present.
  • User-friendly.
  • User can download videos and audio easily.
  • Highly demanded in the market.
  • Different features are available.
  • That allows a different style of downloading option for the ease of the users.
  • Never harm the device.

What’s new?

Snaptube now fixes all types of issues in it. Now users do not need to worry about different sorts of ads. They can easily enjoy software features. Now there is no need for any ad blocker to block the ads for ease. Users can easily download directly mp3 version without converting the video into audio format. It is now supported by all types of websites straightforwardly. It can provide security to the other software system of the personal computer.


Snaptube software is overwhelming. A choice is available below the screen, which is named as my files in this choice, 3 options are applicable at the top of the screen. One option named as a download here all type of files that are downloaded by the user is available in it with details of the website, also those files that are paused for a reason also present in it that the user may change their mind and can download it straightforwardly. The 2nd option is present nearly to the first option named as audio, which means all the audios that are downloaded by the users are present in it with website details. The 3rd option is named as video in this option, all type of videos that are downloaded by the users are available.

After that, an option named me is present below the screen of the software. In this option, users have to create their account and provide their information for their account on Snaptube. Below this option, a lot of many more options are present like (History). In this option, the user can easily see the history of their activities can also clear their search history and watch history with the help of this option. Another option is present, which is called a playlist, user can easily see their favourite songs and videos in this option. Right below this option, another option is available, which is named a watch later. In this option, the user can easily watch those videos that the user is selected to watch in free time. Then the choice of a game centre is also present. Users can also take help from the help centre if they do not know about the problems they face in this software. Users can share Snaptube software with their family and friends through the share option.

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