Success of Japan : Everything You Wanted to Know About it within 5 minutes

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Success of Japan

Success of Japan as a country was in the making of its people. The Japanese soldiers are characterized with pride in their country and their armed forces. This is also because of the long years of work and continuous learning they did. A lot of technological advances were made through this process and they were incorporated into modern Japan. The most significant breakthrough that they made in their technological know-how came from the study and work of Hidehiko Yamane who made important contributions to the development of the atom bomb and hydrogen bomb.

After the end of World War II, Japan was decimated by the victorious Americans and this was one of the most severe blows to the Japanese military. In reaction to this decimation the Japanese government started reorganizing their armed forces and this is when the Japanese bureaucracy was transformed into one of the most efficient bureaucratic machines ever seen. Military leaders were literally buried alive as they were killed off in the Japanese bureaucracy and the bureaucracy became even more entrenched as the years went by.

One of the most significant developments that came from this shift in the bureaucratic structure of the Japanese people was the rise of the Japanese economy. After the demise of the bureaucracy the Japanese people were left with no choice but to rely on industrialization and heavy dependence on the United States. Industrialization has been a key to the success of Japan and this can be attributed to the efforts and attempts of the Japanese government in ensuring that they would be able to develop and produce the raw materials they needed to produce Japan’s industries. The bureaucracy in the Japanese government is credited for almost all of Japan’s growth and industrialization in the past two decades.

Another crucial development came from the way that the Japanese business community itself embraced the Industrial revolution. As the Japanese people became successful and wealthy, they realized that they could now use their tremendous amount of organizational capital to help develop their nation. The Japanese bureaucracy was no match for the combined strength and intelligence of the Japanese people and it was these powerful forces which pushed the Japanese economy to phenomenal growth. The hard work of the Japanese people also created
economic wealth for the nation. The economic prosperity of the Japanese built came directly from the strength and intelligence of the Japanese bureaucracy and their ability to harness the industrial revolution.

During the Industrial revolution, the Japanese people not only were able to harness the incredible economic growth they experienced, but they were also able to use this economic growth to leverage political power. This is because during this time the Japanese people were able to create an economic network of contacts all over the world. These contacts led to major growth in the Japanese economy and the Japanese people were able to use this economic growth to leverage political power. They were able to use economic growth to strengthen their already established political network.

The second aspect of the panic’s success story is its amazing educational system. The education system of japan is unique in many ways. The panic’s education policy was to ensure that all of their children went through a full-scale education system. The educational system used a policy of universal education, which meant that no child would be excluded from any part of the educational system no matter their background.

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