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There are several types of vacuum cleaners available in the market. Each vacuum cleaner serves a purpose and they’re an essential household item that every homeowner should have. Between cleaning after your pet, cleaning out your rugs, down to the manual, the automatic and the fun do it yourself (robot) vacuum cleaner; the market is filled with all and any of these awesome tools, all you need to do is choose the most suitable. Vacuum cleaners are multipurpose and they make our chores easy and fun.



These vacuum cleaners are mostly used for commercial purpose, but some homeowners have them too. They are used to suction and spray water on a rug before they are either brushed manually or washed using the brush attached to the vacuum.

2) Standing Vacuum Cleaners

These set of vacuum cleaners tend to be multipurpose and they sometimes come with bags for the collection of dirt and dust. This is best suited for a big house or industrial cleaning. The motor is powerful and provides a force that easily dislodges and sucks in dirt from around the house/area.

3) Canister Vacuum cleaners

These set of vacuum cleaners work best on smooth/hard floors or areas with pockets and hidden compartments. They can suck in dirt’s and they also have a long chord that makes it easy to maneuver and navigate them.

4) Sweeper Vacuum Cleaners

These set of vacuum cleaners are easily handled and carried around. They serve an awesome purpose of cleaning small spaces, like rooms, kitchens, etc. They use batteries and in place of a bag, they are fixed with dirt cups.

5) Automatic (Robotic) Vacuum Cleaner

Technology has advanced and with it, the ease of labor. The robot vacuum cleaner works independently of a human handler. Though it’s not as sturdy as the other types of vacuum cleaner, but it does an applaudable job. This vacuum cleaner works perfectly and can easily penetrate under different furniture. Places that can’t be reached by either human hands or the human controlled vacuum cleaners.

6) Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners

This vacuum cleaner is specifically designated to clean up furs and hairs scattered all over the house, mostly from pets like dogs, cats etc The downside is that there’s a possibility that the hairs get stuck in the brush and this could cause the motor to clog or act up. The manufactures did make a provision on how to work around this hitch; the cleaner can be opened to allow the user manually removes the hairs from the brush and making it easy to gather more furs. They work easily on furniture, chairs and leathery surfaces where pets always like to curl.


The different types of vacuum cleaners serve different purposes as seen in the examples above. Before one should buy a vacuum cleaner, it’s imperative to understand the type of vacuum cleaner needed and for what purpose it’s being purchased. Vacuum cleaners like all the other technologies, their durability is dependent on how carefully/carelessly they’re handled and cared for by their owners. Now that you know more about vacuum cleaners, feel free to place an order for the vacuum cleaner of your choice and enjoy.

list of Best VACCUM CLEANERS :

PictureNameRating (1-5)
Gtech Pro Handheld Vaccum Cleaner4.7
Philips PowerPro FC9352/014.6
Dyson V7 Animal Cord-Free4.8
T TOPLINE New Household Vacuum Cleaner4.4
ECOVACS Deebot 500 Robots Vacuum Cleaner 4.2
LG MK-Lite VK53181NNTY 4.9

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