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Top Instagram Trends in 2020 :

Increase Instagram Shopping


Instagram is one of the best social media software. With this software people can easily contact to each other from different countries. It is also helpful for shopping different types of products, cloths etc. Users can easily buy products from this software. In Corona Virus situation a lot of people business stop because of lockdown and people start business with the help of this application. Now users can easily buy products via live chat and live streaming. Online shopping with the help of this application is now top trend in 2020.

In 2020, It is best software for business not only for professional users but also common people can sell their products directly on Instagram. Sellers can also advertise their products with shopping ads or by posting their products pictures and details. shopping by the use of this application is top trend in 2020. Because of this software people buy a lot of products and shopping trend is increase day-by-day.

Carousel posts


Instagram is one of the best software for sharing different type of knowledge about different things. This software provides full privacy for the personal information. So the best way to share the details about contents on Instagram is carousel tool, with this tool users can easily share up to 8 images in only one post. Carousel posts are most popular with different types of brands user can easily show their products with this tool. Also other users can easily take benefits with this tool, this tool not only help for purchasing but also help for increase followers on page by educate them well. It is one of the top trendy program in 2020 because of its best features and best programs.

Millions of people take benefits with Instagram and with this carousel posts tool and can easily increase their followers day-by-day. Also this tool is best for the education departments to aware the students about their subjects and their next step that they want to become in the future. This tool upgrade the business with this carousel posts and caption tool user become popular day after day. Any user who is blogger create their own content with Instagram software and become popular with the help of carousel posts tool.

Instagram Live streaming


Due to COVID-19 the live streaming increases and becomes one of the top trend in 2020. With live streaming process users can easily contact with each other without any problems. Mainly brands creators offers Instagram live chat to contact with people. With this live streaming people believe the creators. Creators guide people live about their branded products it is also useful for local people they can easily do live stream to sell their products. In live streaming it updates a lot of features, users can easily upload Instagram lives with IGTV.

Users can easily buy their products by attending the live streaming call. Popular creators like actors can also use this live streaming to entertain their fans and for increasing their fan follower. In live streaming audience take part and gain knowledge about different products and also enjoy a lot. This live streaming is also helpful for educational departments and for the students with live streaming teachers can easily guide the students and in 2020 students study online with this live streaming option in Instagram.

Stickers to support Instagram small business


The year 2020 is challenging year for all types of small business users. But Instagram relief all the issues. Users can easily post their stories, with the support of Instagram stickers creators can easily sell out their products. With this new feature people can easily mention their business on their Instagram stories. After adding the story this feature can also allow other users to share the story with their friends, relatives and other people. This trend is one of the latest trend in 2020. With this stickers users can easily buy products and can order products by just clicking on the sticker easily.

A lot of food applications post their stories and add this stickers users on Instagram can easily order food according to their taste. This sticker also have a feature that creator can attach a gift hamper with it users of Instagram by seeing that hamper attracts and can easily buy products. It is one of the highest trend in 2020 for its users.

Instagram Challenges


Instagram Challenge is one of the top best trend in 2020. On Instagram users challenge their family and friends for fun. With this challenge users enjoy a lot especially in this corona virus situation people stay at home and gave challenge to each other. In this year 2020 challenges have been more popular that Instagram created for enjoyment of people.  Users can also share stories of their challenge with other people and enjoy a lot with different people.

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