What Is OGWhatsApp and How Does It Work?

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OGWhatsApp is unique software in this fast world. Millions of people download this software and take benefits from it. With the help of this software people easily make a contact. You can text each other can do Video calls and voice call no matter how much far the other person would be. OGWhatsApp has many features like you can add status on it status may include videos, photos and Gifts. You can add status for almost 30 seconds. Also a day and night feature is available. There is an plus option on the screen of WhatsApp which includes , to make new groups with family and friends, also has an update option and a paint roller like option which means to change the wallpapers of the WhatsApp screen. OGWHATSAPP also has an hide option which means user can easily hide their personal chat in it. A search option is present on the top of the screen which means users can easily search people by their name. 3 dots are present on the top of the screen.

Special Features of OGwhatsapp :

1) Privacy and security

  • Freeze last seen( users can easily freeze their last scene which means no body can see the user is online or not).
  • Disable Forward ( users are allowed to be forward message without any forward tagging).
  • Who can call me( users can easily select the option that what they want everyone can easily call them or my contacts or my contact expect or nobody).
  • Hide View status ( users can easily hide the views that mean nobody can see you that you see the status of other person or not).
  • Anti-deleted status (with this feature users can easily seen those deleted status that are removed by the other persons from their side).
  • Anti-deleted message ( with this feature users can easily seen those deleted messages that are removed from other person).
  • Show blue ticks after reply ( it means users after seen the message can easily pretend that they didn’t seen the message and after reply blue ticks appear).
  • Group (users can easily change the privacy of groups with this option).
  • Contacts (users can change the privacy of the contacts easily).
  • WhatsApp lock (users lock their WhatsApp with the help of fingerprint, pattern, pin).
  • Change password (users can easily change their passwords).
  • Change lock pattern wallpaper ( with the help of this option users can easily change the lock pattern wallpapers).
  • Make pattern invisible (users easily able and disable this option).
  • Disable pattern vibration (users easily able and disable this option).

2) OGWhatsApp Theme

  • Download OGWhatsApp theme (users can easily download themes from online).
  • Save Theme ( Users easily saves the theme for the next use).
  • Delete all saves installed themes (users can delete the theme with the help of this option).

3) Universal

  • Colors ( users change color of status bar home screen Etc.).
  • Styles ( with this option users can change the style of WhatsApp).
  • Hide Media ( users hide their media from gallery for privacy purposes).
  • Backup and restore ( it allows to create a backup and restore any time).
  • Settings( which includes app language, disable head-up notification, disable badge counter, disable audio playing notification, disable swipe to exit conversation, Enable always online Etc.).

4) Home Screen

  • Header ( it includes home UI styles, story styles, enable Instagram like stories, separate chat group, set my name, disable status under my name, show light/night mode, show airplane mode, disable clicking on WhatsApp).
  • Rows ( it includes home style, swipe row, disable contact online, elapsed time Etc.).
  • Floating action ( it includes hide floating action button, Hide new message FAB, Hide last seen FAB, WhatsApp log phase FAB).
  • Status ( include change photo profile, 5 minute status, muted updates Etc.).

5) Conversation screen

  • Action bar ( hide contact profile picture, hide names, hide call button, disable contact status).
  • Bubble and ticks ( it includes to change bubble pattern, hide ticks Etc.).
  • Conversation entry style ( include change the font style and conversation colors and patterns).

OGWhatsApp also allows the users to update the WhatsApp weekly or monthly. This software has a special place in the market and in the heart of people. People are very much satisfied after installation of this adorable program. It becomes popular day-by-day because of its excellent features.

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