Zapya : The Untold Secret To Mastering It In Just 5 Minutes

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Zapya is one of the best file-sharing software in this Year. Users can easily share files like audios, videos, pictures, and different types of files within seconds. It helps to share a file without any loss of people, personal information, and any variety of personal data. It provides full security to the system of the users. Users can easily download this software without wastage of time.

This software allows users to share this software with family and friends. This software is fast for sharing various files. It applies to all sorts of devices. Zapya was launched on Date 25-05-2015. Users can simply install it via the original website and Play store. Zapya is a Chinese application. This application is now available in Pakistan, India, and related countries that are associated with China.

Zapya is a free software user that does not need any sort of internet connection for sharing files. Users can share files from Pc to Pc and mobile to mobile. This software is available in different languages. Also, Zapya has a beautiful interface. After installation, Zapya starts with a beautiful Z pattern that is so attractive. Right at the top of the screen, Zapya gives an option to generate an id of your name and also provides a selection of setting a profile picture according to the user’s choice.

Zapya can automatically update with the connection of the internet. A selection of app is presented at the top of the screen where all the applications of the device are present. Users can easily share those applications with the help of the sharing option that is present below the applications that users can also share the application with the aid of code. Users can straightforwardly generate a code and straightforwardly transfer all the files.

Key features of Zapya :

  • User-friendly.
  • Share all types of files.
  • Easy to install.
  • Helpful for all sorts of users.
  • It gives users many options to share files.
  • Automatically update via internet connection.
  • Highly demanded in the market.
  • Top features are present.
  • It has a beautiful interface.
  • Users straightforwardly share files from Pc to Pc and mobile to mobile.
  • It provides id editing option.

What’s New?

This software now fixes all the issues in it. It provides full security to the system, never damage any file during transformation. Now, this software introduces a new feature that is an online sharing feature that means users can directly transfer files with the help of an internet connection.


An option that is available on the screen, which is called photo users, can click on the selection and can easily pick all the pictures they want to share. After selecting photos, users can share them with different sharing techniques that are available in the software. There is another option that is named as the video is also present. The user press on that option and can easily share the selected videos of their choice with their friends and family or any other business workers. Then an audio option is also present. Users can also share audios according to their preference.

This software works according to the demand of the users. It is helpful for all types of users either they are business workers, students, or normal people. An option of the file is also available which means users can share files with others easily. A discover option is present below with the help of those options. Users can find the related files of this software and can install them without facing any difficulty.

Users can also scan the code that is present on the other person’s mobile screen. With the help of that code. The user can scan the code and can transfer the file within a second without the wastage of time. In this software, users can also see the news of the daily world. This software is useful for people.

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